Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zunyi Normal College Poetry Club 2: The Difference a Year Makes

The Poetry Club met again this term, though its numbers diminished by one. The lovely Lonely, who changed her name to Susan, left the group. Her poems the first term were superb, but life gets busy when you move to the main campus from the idyllic freshman campus.

We had an additional member for a short time. One day she stopped me after class to say, "Jason, don't you know that most of the poems the club writes suck?" It's also true that she never wrote her own poems. I see a critic in the making. So maybe some poems "suck," but try writing a poem in Chinese and see how it goes.

Poetry gets under a language, reveals its most basic elements. Slowly the students are starting to get it. It's been one of my greatest pleasures in China to see these moments of realization, which then turn into poetry.

Here are the poems the students are most proud of, and with good reason.

3 Poems by Aimee:

"A Red Leaf in Late Autumn"
Red color
like a feather
falls slowly
then lies quietly
awaiting the winter.

How to describe you?
Long, short, quick, slow and quiet
constantly moving.

Do you still remember the place,
which you know but often forget?
Sometimes at a sudden case
you recall it with regret.

6 Poems by Jean:

The winter comes now
I dress in big and puffy clothes
I feel warm and fitted

I am so happy
Living in a new campus
It is convenient

Every time I arrive at home
My mother embraces me.
She is a kind woman.
Time, don't hurt her please.
That is my best wish.

There is a naughty boy
Who likes to play with toys
He often dirties his face
To do something without pace
But he often says he's a good boy

A little girl whose name was snow
But who always walked along so slow
Who is she, can you guess?
She's Snow White the princess!
She likes people around her to follow.

During ten minutes after class
We play a funny game
Who loses must be punished

5 Poems by Beatrice:

Look at the fall leaves
Soon here comes the cold weather
Waiting for the snow

I won't give up
Like Boston ivy always climbing up
I won't break down
Like the needles of pine never falling down

Maybe you
don't know how much
I admire you
I want to be
A person like you
Under any circumstance
Always calm and confident

Look, the cat is waiting
But the mouse is still hiding
Where, where?
The angry cat is thinking
When is the little mouse coming?

Which person do I want to be with?
Where am I eager to go?
What am I eager to do?
I hadn't decided before you appeared in my world.

I make believe now
That you are right beside me
Soft breath with a smile

6 Poems by Stella

This is an empty house
One cat and one mouse
They are good friends
They all like spicy foods

Take up your mask
Go to the dance
Monsters surround you
Halloween is here

We are strangers at first sight.
I don't know, what's your name?
Where are you from?
You are clever, hard-working and friendly
You are the best
You are the Champion
You are my dear sister

Dancing like a butterfly
Singing like a little lark
Looking with big black eyes
Smiling sweet charming smiles,
She's a versatile girl.
Do you want to know who?

I'm from a small town
Sleep in a small bed
Eat with a small bowl
Live in a small house
Put on my small bag
Pack up my small dream
Set foot on my journey
To visit the big big world

Half-blood prince
A teacher of Hogwarts
Good at potions
A servant of Voldemort

7 Poems by Champion

Sorrow in my mind
Human relationships

Gone is the freshman.
Life turns out to be on the go.
Youth can never renew.
How can one wear confidence
And a bright face?

Rain but no tears
Tears but no rain.
The sky is physical
Humans are emotional!

Yesterday once more
All I need is
Conquest of paradise.
I believe
We are the champions!

God is a girl
Because of you.
You don't know
My heart will go on.
Don't stop till I get enough.

Click, click!
He dragged his body without a leg.
Quick, quick!
She rushed like an arrow with her bag.
No, no!
It's almost six o'clock.
Please, please!
Don't let mother fall asleep.

A pacific pig peeked at Peter playing ping pong on the playground.
Pablo packaged his paints patiently with a pile of paper
While a peaked penguin picked up a purple purse with his paw.
A placid professor purchased a piece of pizza with pineapple.

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