Friday, August 30, 2013

Zunyi Normal College Poetry Club

Spring 2013 marked the beginning of the Zunyi Normal College Poetry Club.
The students were all freshmen, and, while poetry enthusiasts, none had written poetry in English before.

Here are the results of one semester's work. We hope to continue meeting this year and expand into longer forms.

A Quiet Morning

Walking along a narrow road
A chill makes me feel cold.
Many blossoms are lying on the ground
I know another season will come around.

A Bright Night

the moon shines brightly
a breeze blows quietly
some frogs croak loudly

By Aimee, Class 2



The falling yellow leaves in deep autumn
Remind me of a beautiful girl
Who is dancing a ballet alone.

A Rainy Day

it's raining for hours
just like the sky cries sadly
but why don't we smile?

Quiet Night

though it's getting dark
I come to the quiet lake
lonely and alone

By Lonely, Class 3


At the foot of a mountain
Lived an old lady with three children.
Their life was easy
But they're really happy.

On a sunny Saturday morning
I went out to play.
Here comes the bus
While traffic was in a mess.

the flower is smiling
the water is flowing
is spring coming?

By Champion, Class 1


Come on!

Hard-working, serious,
Loving, conscientious,
Strong-willed, generous,
Fighting, ambitious.

Weather Change

The rainy day is fleeing
The sunny day is coming
Moods throw away sorrows
Hearts don't cast shadows.


A pack of people in a line
One of the boys wants to fly
A small river flows into the East
But we go home toward the West.

By Jean, Class 1


It's raining outside
We are sitting on inside.
Where is the little deer?
Maybe it's here.

Where is Mr. Rabbit?
Maybe he is looking for Alice
Or threw away his top hat
Hidden in the thick growth of grass.

Sitting beside the window
Looking at the shadow
Dreaming my dream
Eating my ice cream

No, no, no.
Don't play the piano!
It's noisy,
It makes me crazy.

By Shirley, Class 2

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