Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rice-flour chocolate chip cookies OR thanks for the chocolate, China 16s!

A couple of weeks ago now, Becky invited our student helpers Clint and Melissa to her apartment to make chocolate chip cookies. 

This was a brilliant idea in many respects. First, cultural exchange. Second, we get to know our Chinese students better. Third, we get to eat chocolate. 

Given our limited (as in less than a Chinese three-year-old) knowledge of Chinese writing (Hanzi), it is completely understandable that Becky did not know what kind of flour to purchase for the baking. It looked like wheat flour, but Melissa upon her arrival informed us that it was indeed rice flour. 

Once the idea of cookies was in our minds and on our palates, however, there was nothing that was going to stop us. 

The China 16s who returned to America this year had left Becky some baking chocolate. One of them had been a professional chef in Paris prior to joining the Peace Corps.

Becky and Melissa produced mixed the dough, while Clint and I broke up the chocolate.

End result, some delicious if unusual cookies and some priceless getting-to-know-you time with Clint and Melissa.

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