Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ill-informed American

My usual student showed up at his usual time for his English lesson. 
But the session wasn't as usual.

In the past, he barely spoke. Today, we spoke for over an hour. The subject was the recent conflict between China and Japan.

We also spoke of recent anti-American protests in countries around the globe because of a slight to Islam, and of the American presidential campaign.

I have no opinion to share on these matters, but there were two mini-revelations during our time together. 

First, patriotic feelings can stir within me from time to time.

Second, I am completely ignorant of Chinese history. I know a few important details, but neither me nor my education has taught me much about China. How could I not know that September 18 is at least as important to Chinese/Japanese history as September 11 is to American history? 

Anyway, the chaos of the past week makes more sense now that I've been schooled.

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