Friday, October 5, 2012

Voting from China is easy...if you're from Washington, DC

Last week I sent in my absentee ballot for the upcoming election.

If you're from Washington, DC--a bastion of voter rights, to be sure--the process is simple. Download the form online, fill it in, take a photo of the form and fax it back using online fax software such as PamFax. A few days later I received the ballot, completed it, and sent it back in the same fashion.

DC and its few electoral votes will go to Barack Obama, without question. The nation's capital city is also a city of Democrats, even if a few Republicans get to live there. The city is still a predominantly African-American metropolis, and these voters, along with the liberal-minded people of other ethnicities that tend to live there, almost always vote for the Democratic candidate.

Even if, then, my vote for president will not have much impact, I was eager to vote in our local elections. There are several referendums on the ballot aimed at cleaning up the city council. 2012 has been a year filled with revelations of corruption among certain members of the council.

One of the highlights of my 2012 in Washington was to serve on a federal Grand Jury. I can't share any details here, but let's just say I'm happy the work of the Jury has had an impact on the life of the city.

I also got to choose between Marion Barry and another candidate for my city Ward 8 representative. Yes, Marion Barry is still in office in Washington, DC.

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