Monday, August 6, 2012

My Chinese Host Family

No clever title here, as this is serious gratitudinal business.

These past few weeks, I have been staying with a Chinese family, who has given me a place to stay, fed me delicious food, and taken me on some great outings in Sichaun (more on these later).

The Peace Corps host family modes is such that the volunteer is usually the "son" or "daughter." This seems apt, given how new I am to the culture here, even though I am nearly as old as my host "mother" and "father" and old enough to be my host "sisters" father.

Mother: Huan He (43, a university English teacher at Sichuan Normal University)
Father: Yan Cun Jian (45, a university Geography/GIS professor at SNU)
Sister: Yan De Fei aka Fei Fei (a 14 year old student and Gu Zheng player)

My blogger profile picture includes the family, but here they are again:

My training site is Sichuan Normal University (Sichaun shifan daxue), between the second and third ring roads. It's not downtown, but still relatively urban. You can find more information about it here:

Chengdu is a fascinating city as well--ancient, but developing and expanding day by day.

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  1. When I wikipaedia'd (is it a verb yet?) "Gu Zheng" it sent me to the Guqin page. Same thing? I am pretty sure Justin Beiber is transitioning to that very instrument.