Friday, June 29, 2012

Departure Day

A year-long application process finished, check
Getting my life in order so that I could be away for two years, check
Finishing up my ESL teaching, check

(LanguageEtc in Washington, DC)

One last academic conference to make secure some connections, check

(CTSA in St. Louis)

Quality time with friends and family pre-departure, check
(A trip home for my sister's dental school graduation at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

(A week with the parents in Washington and Annapolis)

(A long weekend in Rehoboth with Brian, Neal, and Mike)

(A drive to Pittsburgh to see my friend Ed)

29 July: Washington Dulles to Los Angeles for a day of registration and orientation at the LAX Radisson
I was thrilled to be making a start to the two years, and I finally got to meet my fellow China 18s (the 18th group of volunteers to serve in China) -- in particular, my first roommate Jason McConnell, a novice guitar player redhead from the South overflowing with personality.
Prior to departure I had to shave my beard (China Peace Corps requires you to be clean shaven), which I had sported for several years. ...another discombobulation to add to the list.
That evening some went down to the beach for dinner and others stayed at the hotel. I opted for one last burger and a glass of good wine at the hotel bar.

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